Assist– a pass to a teammate that scores a basketball immediately or after one-dribble

Bounce pass– a pass that bounces once on the court first before getting to the receiver

Buzzer beater– a basket scored in the final seconds of a quarter before the buzzer sounds

Chest pass– when the ball is passed from one player to another player’s chest.

Dribble– to continuously bounce the ball on the court with one hand.

Dunk– to score by putting the basketball directly through the hoop with one or two hands.

Field goal– a shot made anywhere on the court that is not a free throw.

Free throw– a shot attempted, after being fouled, from the free throw line that is worth one point.

Jump shot– a shot that is taken over the head while jumping.

Lay-up– a shot taken from close range using one hand and putting it off the backboard.

Three-point field goal– a shot made with both feet behind the three-point line that is worth three points.