About Me

Hello my fellow readers! My name is Gabriel Mungaray and I am currently a sophomore at San Jose State University. I am currently undeclared at the university, but I plan on declaring into journalism in the upcoming semester. I do currently live in San Jose, California and have lived in San Jose my whole life. I have been around sports my whole life starting as early as playing baseball at the age of six. My favorite sports to watch and talk about include basketball, baseball, and football. Being able to talk and write about sports and sports stories has always been a passion of mine and is a career I wish to pursue in the future.

My dream job is to work for ESPN and become either a sports broadcaster or sports reporter for a certain team. Being given the opportunity to play sports in high school such as baseball has given me a whole new respect for that sport and all sports around since each of them are different in their own ways. With sports already having a huge impact on my life, I would like to just share that impact and my knowledge of sports with everyone hoping that it may have the same effect on one of my readers as it already has on me.