My blog title, “Warriors’ Ground!”, pretty sums up what my blog will be about. I have been actively following and watching the Golden State Warriors for ten years now which include the dark days of the basketball team up to the current juggernaut team they are now. I chose this topic not only because they are a good Bay Area team on the rise, but I would like to do more research on the team and become more knowledgeable about the basketball business. Most importantly, I want my readers to get the full experience of what the Golden Warriors State are all about and that’s what I plan on hopefully providing all my readers with!

My blog will consist of a variety of aspects about the Golden State Warriors’s basketball team. The blog will provide weekly updates about the team such as previous scores of games played during the week and also some analytical pieces about the team that may come up during the week. I will try to provide important information on the various ticket prices to attend a Warriors’s game so my readers can be well prepared when buying these popular tickets that are in high demand. With all being said, I am very excited to blog for all my die hard Dub Nation fans and see if these Warriors’s can keep the streak going and make their third straight NBA Finals appearance!