Kevin Durant Makes His Return to Oklahoma City Tonight (c) 2017 (c) 2017

The wait is finally over for Kevin Durant and basketball fans everywhere! The one night and one game every NBA fan has circled on their calendar has finally arrived: Kevin Durant makes his long-awaited return to Oklahoma City. As many know, Kevin Durant departed from the Oklahoma City Thunder last summer and decided to sign with the Golden State Warriors. This sparked great outcry in Oklahoma City and outcry all over the NBA. Going into this NBA season, there were two questions that everyone was asking: 1.Will the Warriors meet the Cavaliers in the NBA Finals for the third straight year? And 2. How will the people of Oklahoma City greet Kevin Durant when he makes his return back home?

Now, throughout the week everyone believes Kevin Durant would receive more cheers than boos as Thunder fans credit Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook as the two players that put the Oklahoma City Thunder organization on the map. On the contrary, KD is preparing himself for the worst as all superstars should do when they know they have broken the hearts of many beloved fans before. In an interview with ESPN’s Marc Stein, Kevin Durant gave his expectation of how the Thunder fan base may welcome him back and said “I know it’s not going to be the friendliest welcome.” Durant went on to say in the interview “I know they’re going to be rowdy in there, man” and “I can’t wait to see the people that I really built relationships with.” It is good to know that KD is not expecting a huge welcome back party, as he shouldn’t, while also being as equally excited to see familiar faces again that he left behind in Oklahoma City. You never know, maybe this is the game where KD and Russell Westbrook come back to being on speaking terms? Tune in to watch the game tonight at 5:30 P.M PT/8:30 P.M. ET on ABC!